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We're trucking boy!

Miami Effort

Promoter hires 18-wheeler truck for soundsystem

Words: Terry Church

Some promoters go to extreme efforts to give their punters a damn good knees-up, like US crew Made Event, who are driving an 18-wheeled truck from Philadelphia to
Miami packed full of sound
equipment for their WMC parties.

They’re bringing with them the latest in cutting-edge audio technology, called Integral Sound, to create customized sound solutions for their multiple parties during the conference week.

Apparently it creates a ‘warm, enveloping, and precise sound without the aural irritation and listening fatigue so common in other sound systems’.

In other words, it’ll kick the ass out of many other soundsystems in Miami.

“Music sounds much better when you can actually hear it,” said a perceptive Lee Burridge

“On an Integral Sound system you can hear it all.

“Beware of this sound system. May cause excessive dancing!”

Made Event will be showcasing their quality soundsystem at a number of high-profile WMC DJ events at clubs B.E.D. and Pawn Shop.

James Holden, Richie Hawtin, Lee Burridge, Danny Howells, Danny Tenaglia, and Gabriel & Dresden will all be given control of the Integral Soundystem.


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